Early Bird Gets the Worm... or an Epic Sunrise

Waking up early Isn't my thing, and very few things get me out of bed before 8am. Epic sunrise hikes are one of those few things. My friend Colby (@colby.schenck) and I hit the trail early around 3am to make it up to the lake (which will remain unnaimed) for a gorgeous sunrise on the top of the mountain, which we had entirely to ourselves. Worth it. 

Driving to Paradise

Paradise on Mount Rainier is by far one of the most popular outdoor tourist attractions around the PNW, but if you head out early - or later in the evening you tend to miss the crowd. So that's exactly what we did. We left the house around 7pm and cruised our way up along the scenic road to Paradise, making a few stops along the way. We watched the sun dip over the mountain peaks and then made our way down, capturing a few long exposures on the way home. You don't always have to hike far to find gorgeous landscapes.